Sydney Powell Talks About Dominion Lawsuits And The 2020 Election At Health And Freedom Conference

The patriots who spoke at the Health and Freedom conference were impressive.

At the case, guests included Gen. Flynn, Mike Lindell, Jim Caviezel, Lin Wood, and Sydney Powell.

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Powell was unable to attend in person, so he recorded a speech and sent it in.

In her speech, she discussed the election fraud that occurred in 2020 and chastised the Biden administration for proclaiming the 2020 election to be the safest ever while imposing sanctions on Russia for election meddling.

Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

She went on to say that as Americans, we should continue to stand up for what we believe in and pray to God for the same divine guidance as our forefathers.

Here’s a video from the occasion:


Over the weekend, attorney Sidney Powell documented her speech at the Tulsa Health and Freedom Conference.

“There was huge fraud that invaded the system from every angle,” Sidney Powell told the audience. Anyone who watched the election results on election night witnessed the extraordinary case of several states halting the vote counting at the same time, just as Trump was about to be crowned the winner with more than 270 electoral votes, knows there was fraud.”

If you want to see more of Powell’s voice, you can do so here:


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