Suspicions Confirmed: Who Are The Most Intolerant Students In The States?

Who are the students causing the most trouble in America? A poll has confirmed the suspicions.

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It isn’t the right-winged politically oriented young brains, as the media is trying to present where the problems are deriving from.

According to a new poll from Generation Lab and Axios, “far more Democratic students wouldn’t date or be friends with someone who voted for the opposing candidate in the presidential election than Republican students. They also wouldn’t patronize their businesses or work for them.”

The poll was released on Wednesday, revealing that “an overwhelming percentage of college Democrats say they wouldn’t date a Republican — 71 percent. Only 31 percent of Republicans said they wouldn’t date a Democrat.”

“41% of Democratic collegians wouldn’t shop with or support the business of a Republican, compared with only 7 % of Republicans who said the same thing about Democrats. When it came to friendship, 37 % of Democrats said they wouldn’t offer that to someone with opposing views, compared to 5 % of Republicans. 30 % of Democrats also said they wouldn’t work for someone who voted for the opposing presidential candidates versus 7 % of Republicans.”

“Partisan divides — as each side inhabits parallel political, cultural and media universes — make a future of discord and distrust in the U.S. all the more likely,” Axios’ Neal Rothschild wrote. “Democrats argue that modern GOP positions, spearheaded by former President Trump — are far outside of the mainstream and polite conversation.”

Furthermore, the poll revealed also that “women were more likely to behave in a partisan manner than men, with only 41 % of the women polled saying they would go out with someone who had opposing viewpoints. 67 % of men said they would.”

The rest of the piece deals with straw men and fallacies — but this is hardly surprising, considering that’s what got us to this point in the first place.

What would you say to this?

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