‘’SUICIDE’’ – US Political Lobbyists Found DEAD On Side Of Road!

The most influential US Political Lobbyist was found dead on the side of the road, and the investigators say it’s suicide!

The lobbyist was in the middle of a scandal that included a massive sum of money and numerous influential people.

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Neil Clark (67) died!

His body was found on the side of a roadway by a motorist. Neil is among the most famous and influential lobbyists in the US. And these days, he was in the middle of a scandal, massive bribery. Among others involved is Larry Householder, the former House Speaker in Ohio.

Both of them were arrested and declared ‘’not guilty’’ in a bribery scheme owned by an energy company.
Below you can read what authorities said that happened.

 Preseutors say Householder and Clark played a role in an scheme to pass a law called ‘HB6,’ which bailed out two Ohio power plants owned by a former FirstEnergy subsidiary. The money flowed through political groups and bought campaign advertising, hired consultants and funded other means to help Householder gain his leadership position and push for HB6 to become law, according to charging documents.”

Neil Clark was imprisoned last year and accused of racketeering resulting from the investigation.

You can read the report from Cleaveland.com below.

Police believe that a longtime Columbus lobbyist charged in connection with the House Bill 6 probe who died earlier this week took his own life, officials said on Thursday.

Michelle Batten, a spokeswoman for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, said the Collier County Medical Examiner’s Office will make the final determination on the cause of death. But investigators are treating Neil Clark’s death as an apparent suicide and don’t suspect foul play was involved, she said.

The sheriff’s office also on Thursday released a new version of an incident report documenting their initial investigation into Clark’s death. They previously released the report on Tuesday, but it was heavily redacted.

The report says police found Clark, 67, around 11:30 a.m. on Monday lying on the ground about 400 feet off the roadway, and about 350 feet from his vehicle, near the brush line by a retention pond in the area close to his home in Naples, Florida. A passerby who called police said that Clark appeared to be “beyond help.”

Because he is dead now, the police said he was on the road with a bullet in his head. The handgun was near Clark’s body.

The entire situation is weird. Why should Clark kill himself on the side of a road?

Here, everything is possible, and maybe he feared that he might go to prison because of a racketeering charge.

Furthermore, another reason why he committed suicide there is that he didn’t want his family to find the body.
However, everything is possible. But, the only important thing is that Clark is dead.

Indeed, no one represents us, not even the people who say that is on our side. Only Donald Trump was on our side, but they removed him due to his proper working.

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