STRATEGIC COMMAND: “US Needs To Prepare For A Nuclear War”!

Can we receive any more shocking news on the very disturbing world of today we live in?

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I am truly sorry, but apparently, our nation has prepared more bad news for us.

The United States Strategic Command has made an announcement to Congress on Tuesday, stating that they’re personally worried about the possibility of a nuclear war.

“For the first time in our history, the nation is facing two nuclear-capable strategic peer adversaries at the same time,” Navy Adm. Charles A. Richard, stated to Congress.

“The Chinese and Russian advances are eroding our conventional deterrence,” the commander of U.S. Strategic Command said, The Defense Department website reported.

The Admiral also mentioned that the Chinese ICBMs can easily be mounted on trucks, which makes their tracking harder, and their transport easier. They also possess new, sixth-generation nuclear-capable strategists, bombers, and submarines.

“China is capable of executing any plausible nuclear employment strategy regionally now and will soon be able to do so at intercontinental ranges.”

“We’re at a point where end-of-life limitations and the cumulative effects of underinvestment in our nuclear deterrent and supporting infrastructure, against the expanding threat, leave me no operational margin. Our nation simply cannot attempt to indefinitely life-extend leftover Cold War weapon systems and successfully carry out the assigned strategy,” he said.

The Commander of U.S Space Command, Amry General James H. Dickinson added:

“United States Space Command faces a unique dilemma in that we can’t plan for future conflicts based on how we fought previous conflicts even if we were inclined to do so. Rather, we are preparing for the war not yet fought.”

“Why do we need to prepare for such a conflict when space has traditionally been a peaceful domain, open to all for exploration, and whose benefits improve the lives of virtually every human being on Earth? As I will soon testify to Congress, the answer is because highly capable competitors realize the extraordinary military and economic advantages that space-based capabilities give to the United States and our allies,” he continued.

“These competitors are determined to deny our advantages in space in favor of their own. China’s space enterprise presents the pacing threat. China is building military space capabilities rapidly, including sensing and communication systems, and numerous anti-satellite weapons. Similarly, Russia’s military doctrine calls for the employment of weapons to hold U.S. and allied space assets at risk. Russia has conducted numerous space-based anti-satellite weapons tests.”

How’s that for a piece of terrifying advisable news coming from top army professionals and officials?


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