STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING: A CNN Journalist Grills the NIH Director on Wuhan Lab Funding

The soon to be retired NIH Director Francis Collins has a rough path to go through before enjoying his relaxing retirement days.

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CNN journalist Pamela Brown just bombed him with a series of tough-to-answer questions over the “oversight failure” that led to its grant to EcoHealth Alliance being used for “risky research”.

“You’re just now finding out U.S. tax dollars were being used to pay for this risky research in that Wuhan lab two years ago,” Brown said. “So the question is how can you know what this money is going toward? What kind of research this is going toward in places like the Wuhan lab if you’re just now finding this out from EcoHealth Alliance how the U.S.’ taxpayer dollars were being used?”

Watch the full grilling here:

“EcoHealth did violate the terms of their grant award,” Collins conceded. The NIH director then claimed that the research into coronavirus gain-of-function conducted at Wuhan was the kind that requires “special high-level oversight.” Dr. Collins also reiterated his claim that the specific grant-funded research was “in no way connected” to the emergence of Covid-19.

“But isn’t this also an oversight failure of the NIH?” Brown pressed. “Because, the NIH is responsible for taking taxpayer money and giving these grants. So would you say this is also an oversight failure?”

“Why should Americans trust you and the NIH on the issue of Covid origins when you didn’t even know about the programs it was funding with taxpayer dollars in China?” Brown asked.

Even colleagues are applauding her quest towards exposing the truth right on the air.

This is the kind of persistent but respectful journalism that America needs right now.

This will bring transparency and democracy up-front, and fix this failing country’s regime!


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