Stew Peters EXPLODES After Being SWATTED!

If you think that Stew was a “pain in the a**” with his truth-seeking character – you should see his rage and thirst for truth after he was swatted.”

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Here’s his story – told from his own mouth.

And this time – it really involves him and the consequences of his job to his family.

“So, I got swatted last night. Somebody called the police, said they were Stew Peters, gave my home address, and claimed (while pretending to be me) that I was holding someone hostage and planning to shoot them.”

“The police responded by contacting negotiators and converging on my home and calling me outside. I could have easily been killed; my children could have easily been killed. And that was the exact purpose of this entire exercise. That’s why people do Swattings: They’re trying to get a person they don’t like killed by the police.

I am not the first person this has happened to. Someone Swatted podcaster Tim Pool in the middle of a show last January. Then they did it again a week later. So far this year, Pool has been swatted five separate times.”

“Again, a more accurate way to describe this is “Tim Pool has been targeted for attempted murder five times this year.” I and my whole family were targeted for attempted murder today. That is the point of this. You don’t SWAT people to annoy them. It’s trying to get the police to kill someone for you. This has happened. In 2017, some idiots were arguing over a game of Call of Duty, so one of them tired to SWAT the other. He had the wrong address, though, so a totally unrelated person was gunned down by police. Two years later, the man’s niece whom he had raised, who witnessed the shooting directly, committed suicide. In 2020, a man died of a heart attack from fright after he was swatted by people who wanted to intimidate him into handing over his Twitter handle, no joke. Someone died over a Twitter handle.

So yeah, somebody tried to kill me. We don’t know who did it yet. I’m not expecting the police to achieve much; I’m just waiting for them to tell me that the number was “not traceable” and they’ll be magically “out of leads.” B.S., of course. For 18 years my job was to track people who used unknown numbers and burner cell phones. The technology and resources are available to catch these people. But to do that, the authorities would have to care as much about stopping attempted murder as they care about hunting down people who stood on the Capitol steps for a few minutes on January 6. We know how it really is.”

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