Steve Kirsch Suggested A Virus Debate!

In the past two years, we have reported that the virus is science fiction and a cover story for the tyranny that would make Hitler, Stalin, and Mao blush with envy.

The latest question that circles online is: Does SARS-CoV-2 really exists?

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Entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist Steve Kirsch stated that the virus exists. He gave a 5-hour-long video debate.

Kirsch: “I don’t think the folks I’d ask to do this would want to spend time writing papers…They don’t even have the time to prepare their own papers. Doing written documents is much more time-consuming than talking because people spend the time to make it bulletproof.”

Kirsch: “None of the people on our team require that all discussions be in writing only.”

No, why would his scientific team insist on the method by which science is accomplished?

Kirsch: “One of the commenters [to an article by Kirsch] wrote this: ‘But when someone really knows their shit they would much rather handle it in a live conversation; it’s much more efficient (you don’t spend hours writing), and it reaches a wider audience, and that audience has the benefit of tone and body language to affirm (or negate) the veracity and substance of what is being said.'”

Kirsch: “I agree with that.”

Tone and body language were Galileo’s problem when he was tired by the Inquisition for insisting the Earth rotated and journeyed around the sun. He might have won the case if he shared that with unwavering clarity.

After hours of writing arguments about the virus’s existence, who would have the audacity to insist on that?

Kirsch emphasized that his experts were busy, so interrupting them was inappropriate.

“One day, you students will be called on to defend your actions and opinions with pure bullshit. I tell you that now, to prepare you for the moment. How do you shape and transmit the bullshit?

Do you do it through tiresome written reports, which run the risk of exposing the truth, engraved on the page, or do you stand up before a panel and look those people in the eye and tell a story that wows them? Do you fumble to clarify a point, or do you gloss it over with a quick-hitting generality that covers a crack in your armor? Careers are won and lost on that basis.” This is what people learn at medical school.

Kirsch thinks that a paper exchange between debaters is futile.

Neither one mainstream expert would be courageous enough to intone, “Ahem, in my many years as professor of so-and-so at such-and-such, having engaged in intense research on this question, and having authored over 60 papers on this very subject…”

Science represents democracy, and the audience is its proof. Once they vote up or down, the job is done.

Regarding the outcome, we will keep the study in the archive or share it again with an apology. Everyone can vote and bear in mind that you don’t have to be a subscriber.

Published descriptions of isolating viruses are something dense, to begin with. Maybe one person in 200K can plow through them and understand them. So, the debate about the existence of a virus starts with something in writing that is impenetrable.

“We’re the expert virologists. Only we understand what we’re doing.”

“I see. So understanding virus isolation is like understanding RNA development and insertion into lipid nanoparticles which are injected into a few billion people.”

“Yes, exactly. Only we understand that whole process.”

“Got it. I have grave doubts about everything you’re claiming about the vaccine, but I completely accept everything you’re saying about the existence of the virus.”

In this debate about the virus’s existence, the devil is in the details. They are concerning how virologists think they are isolating viruses and sequencing them. These elements have to be analyzed and taken apart to see if they make scientific sense.

I haven’t seen medical experts show these qualities when the basic assumption of their professions is on the line. Someone will say, “But…but, let’s wrap all this up in one sitting. Video will accomplish that. I have things to do, places to go. We live in a fast-food world, face it.”

Yes, people have to go to the store with their masks on and keeping social distance, to look for a restaurant that won’t make you flash your vaccine passport, to appear at the school board meeting to tell the members what they should do with their forcible vaccine mandates on the children, then the members don’t want to hear you, so you have to sell your house, take what you’ve got and moved with the Kids to Florida, and all the while you have to delete messages from the brother because he tells you that the vaccines are the only solution you’ve got.

This and many other assumptions show that the virus exists.

“Counsel, you have a video where the defendant discusses how he can steal a billion dollars from the pension fund?”

“Yes, Your Honor. But we also have a letter of agreement between the defendant and the head of the Montebello crime family. The letter reveals the defendant has already stolen the money and will give it to the mob in exchange for certain favors.”

“A letter, you say? Words? Sentences? In writing, on a page? Signed? And it can be read?”

“Yes, sir. Writing is an older form of expression. It’s now being phased out. But it stands up quite well. It’s bulletproof.”

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