Steve Hilton Points Out A Really Curious Thing About A Photo Of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

The Fox News’ host might have a really sharp eye, as well.

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The Dems are trying all the time to stage that they’re actually doing some work. Like, keeping themselves busy with discussing science, then, presenting “political solutions”… But, the thing is, their version of “science” is definitely not the science that you and me are talking about. Why would “science” be discussing silly things, such as scenarios where kids are masked, natural immunity doesn’t matter, and a vaccine that keeps getting people sick is now mandated?!

And despite this “scientific fact”, don’t ever forget that the elites are having the time of their lives out there – lavish mask-free parties and events, while the “servants” and the “help” are masked-up like third-class peasants on the Titanic.

And, that’s exactly what Fox News host Steve Hilton observed during a recent meeting between Boris Jonson and Joe Biden.

Hilton took to Twitter, where he shared two photos of Boris and Joe.

One photo is of the two men sitting apart, with their masks on.

The other picture is of the two men standing arm-in-arm, with their masks off.

Here are some of the comments from people online, that see through the Dem’s desperate tries of “scientific explanations”

“This is so funny, blows their NARRATIVE completely, Biden-Harris are not being honest to American people.”

“Rules for thee but not for me-with Biden/Whitehouse staff-Hollywood elites/Emmy’s & parties/Pelosi/Newsome/Kerry/Harris & the list goes on.”

“If it was as scary and deadly as they claim they would not even be in the same area. They claim it to be the death plague but they act like it’s a cold. Wait this just in – it’s from the same family as cold viruses .”

“Politics isn’t real life folks. Not even close. It’s a Made-For-TV movie. And not a very good one.
Quote Tweet”

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