Step by Step Guide: How an Elon Musk “Hostile Twitter Takeover” Will Likely Go Down

The latest stakeholder who entered the Twitter scene, Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is apparently, going to arrive with a fresh new set of rules and tracks, on which Twitter’s future is going to be set.

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Elon is a free-minded person. He likes to keep his personal life and family really off the grid (his children are named X and Y), but he likes to keep what’s important, regarding politics and the future of the world really out there.

That’s why it’s more likely for Twitter to end its censorship – especially on politics.

Elon, a man who takes “free speech” very seriously, correctly believes that Twitter is stifling free speech and stepping way over the bounds of decency with its power to control the flow of information, and he appears to want to change that.

He recently declined to join Twitter’s board of directors because he’d be “capped” at owning only 14.9% of the company.

This is why there are numerous speculations that he’s planning a hostile takeover on Twitter.

And one financial expert by the name of Aron Solomon spoke to our friends at Western Journal and discussed how the whole thing will likely play out.

“There are two ways Musk can go about a hostile takeover of the company — reaching out to individual shareholders and offering them a premium on their shares or issuing a tender offer. Either way, Musk needs to focus on finding a “win-win” with shareholders,” Aron Solomon said.

According to Investopedia, a “tender offer” invites “shareholders to sell their shares for a specified price and within a particular window of time. The price offered is usually at a premium to the market price and is often contingent upon a minimum or a maximum number of shares sold.”

“If such a tender offer were to be made, shareholders would only receive the high premium if Musk were to receive a certain amount of shares, presumably over 50 %,” Solomon added.

But Musk needs to move very quickly…

As long as the news cycle remains focused on Musk and Twitter, Musk has the advantage.

“We’re going to forget about Elon Musk and Twitter three, four, or five days from now if he allows it to go out of the news spotlight. So, I think that he’s got to make some really interesting, quick moves if he has an ultimate endgame here,” Solomon told The Western Journal.

“And if that endgame is to acquire more than 50 percent of Twitter, I think it makes more sense to get those things in motion now.”

This weekend’s move declining to join the board “may have been the first step towards that,” Solomon said.

“It made a lot of sense for him not to join the board because there was really no benefit to him,” Solomon said. “It wasn’t going to be a good cultural fit for the board or for him.”

The consensus is that it was Jack Dorsey who drove the company into the ground and that’s why he was pushed out.

Experts think Jack was stretched too thin and was focused on other projects, and also he was busty creating a new “weird” persona.

Western Journal Wayne Dupree

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