State Officials Move to Decertify Election Following Arizona Audit – Estimated 311,000 ‘Phantom Voters’

We are fighting for our Constitutional Republic on Friday, July 23, 2021. We are fighting for our freedom, we are fighting for our lives as we fight to keep our right to speak freely, our right to lawfully keep the firearms we own that we have been promised as citizens of the United States will not be infringed upon, and we are fighting to keep our medical freedom, which simply means we are fighting for our lives.

The right to vote lies at the heart of all of the preceding. Democrats would argue that every vote should be counted, while I maintain that every legitimate vote should be counted, and that restoring integrity to our election process is critical in resolving all of these issues. We put people in positions of power and influence not to use their platform as a weight, but to carry the weight of you, me, and us. Every single one of these individuals’ agendas must be centered on defending our sovereignty and fighting for We The People. Period. There are no additional plans.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene said this while on the War Room with Steve Bannon. They’re terrified of We The People. They know that their lies are well known, and that while you may not understand the complexities of the theft of your vote, your voice, and our country, you do know who is guilty, and you will not stand for it.

Compare and contrast what you knew a year ago with what you know now. What we know now makes it all the more vital for each and every one of us that the people we elect to represent our interests actually get there. There isn’t a single person in this country, or the world, who isn’t aware that what happened between November 3rd and 4th last year was not a representation of your voice. It has nothing to do with your vote. That election was rigged in every way, and more evidence is coming out of areas like Arizona and Georgia every day.

There’s a fight in Michigan, a fight in Pennsylvania, and people are angry in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and we have to get this right, or your children, grandchildren, and future generations will never know the magnificence that the United States of America represents. If we don’t get this right, history books will just write about America as a once-free country, and I don’t know about you, but that is unacceptably unacceptable to me.

Bobby Piton was asked to attend in the Patrick Byrd hearing in January of this year after his shocking evidence in Arizona in November 2020 (exposing the false election results in Arizona through his mathematical analysis).

Bobby Piton is a First-Generation American, Portfolio Manager, CFA, Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management Graduate, Father of 5, Husband, Conservative Patriot, and US Senate Candidate dedicated to protecting our Freedom and Republic, and he joins us now. Thank you so much for coming, Bobby. So, throughout the course of your career, you’ve read well over a million pages and studied physics, quantum mechanics, mathematics, economics, neural networks, and machining learning extensively. According to RedVoiceMedia.com, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is pushing for the 2020 election to be decertified based on audit results, and Bobby joined Stew to discuss.


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