Star of The Music Industry Rihanna Wore a T-Shirt That Led Some to Believe She Backed Nicki Minaj

Let’s face it, whether you like her or not, Nicki Minaj done more in a few days to expose the left’s secret “wrong think” campaign than anyone else in years.

Nicki demonstrated in “real-time” that you are not permitted to leave the Dem plantation, and you are not allowed to think “independently” or “differently” while on the Dem plantation, therefore your only option is to shut up and think what the masters tell you.

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The narrative comes to an end at this point.

When Nicki dared to question the “holy vaccine,” the uproar began.

Right now, it’s probably one of the biggest no-nos on the planet.

And when she did, the entire Democratic machine erupted in an attempt to squash her “anti-vax” message.

However, it did not go as planned for the Democrats.

Instead of suppressing Nicki, they exposed a “wrong think” mindset within the Democratic Party, which a lot of people have noticed and found disturbing.

Nicki’s admirers, as well as proponents of “free speech,” showed there to show their support…

Randy Jackson, among others, was one of her celebrity friends who spoke out in support of her.

Now, a photo of pop singer Rihanna wearing a T-shirt that reads “Think While It’s Still LEGAL” has some wondering if she’s seen the “Plantation attitude” inside the Democratic party and is also stifling it.

Rihanna, 33, returned to her music roots in New York City on Friday when she went to the recording studio ahead of her highly anticipated ninth studio album, according to the Daily Mail.

Vetements’ white ‘Think while it’s still legal’ T-shirt, along with baggy blue trousers and slouchy metallic pointy-toe boots, made a political statement for the millionaire.

Take a look at this:

Rihanna wearing that exact T-shirt now, especially after the highly publicized Nicki Minaj incident, does not appear to be a coincidence.

Let’s hope that this “free thinking” mindset continues to spread…

Because breaking that “mind control” is the most serious flaw in the Democratic Party’s foundation.

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