Stacey Abrams Calls GOP ‘Domestic Enemies’

On Sunday’s episode of “Meet The Press,” host Chuck Todd threw softballs at Stacey Abrams. Todd referred to Republican attempts to ensure voter transparency as “radical” before inquiring about the defeated gubernatorial candidate’s intentions to “prevent” them.

In response, Abrams ridiculously accused Georgia Republicans of introducing legislation as “nothing more than a cover for returning to Jim Crow, and stopping voters they don’t want to hear from.” Todd didn’t say anything in response to that rash allegation.

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“My emphasis is on making sure we have elections in 2022,” Abrams said when Todd asked if she will run for governor of Georgia again in 2022.

The steamy romantic novelist then referred to Republicans involved in state-level election integrity campaigns as “domestic rivals” who are “trying to keep people of color and young people from completely participating in our democracy.” Todd, once again, failed to respond to Abrams’ extremely dangerous charge of “domestic enemies.”

He also refused to define or treat any of Abrams’s comments as extreme, despite the fact that she accused Republicans of actively planning to bring back Jim Crow-era horrors, hinted that Republicans could just cancel elections outright, and described Republicans as “domestic enemies.”

Todd praised the sense of “stability” he felt after President Biden’s inauguration in January. It’s clear that residents of the media bubble place a higher emphasis on the appearance of “stability” than on its facts. Democrats recklessly accusing their Republican colleagues of being “domestic enemies” willing to resurrect Jim Crow is neither natural nor stable.

Todd, of course, was completely unconcerned. Todd, the ostensibly impartial political director of NBC News, contributed to the erosion of norms that people like Todd claim to value by allowing Abrams’ wildly misleading claims to go entirely unchallenged.


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