St. Gallen Mafia Will Help You Understand Pope Francis!

Since the start of the Francis papacy, numerous Catholics were shocked by the agenda from the Vatican and attempted to make sense out of everything.

The latest book released sheds light on Pope Francis and his link to the secret group of leftist cardinals who started to meet in the middle 1990s.

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Life Site News talked to Julia Meloni, a Catholic journalist and the owner of the book The St. Gallen Mafia: Exposing The Secret Reformist Group Within The Church. She writes about the research into the inner jobs of the mafia and its members.

Meloni introduced some of the characters linked to the Sr. Gallen Mafia, and among them are cardinals Carlo Maria Martini, Walter Kasper, Godfried Daneels, etc.,

She emphasized that the formal literature she realized hasn’t named McCarrick a technical member even though James Grein, the most famous abuse victim, revealed that the former cardinal was a visitor to Sankt-Gallen, Switzerland.

How is Pope Francis linked to this? Meloni explained how the docs and interviews reveal that then-cardinal Bergoglio met with Kasper a few times in Argentina and the St. Gallen Mafia talked about him.

She stated that the Cardinal Daneels of Belgium attracted Francis in the 2001 synod of collegiality.’’ And it was Daneels who has revealed much of the information we know about the “mafia” and even gave it the name. ‘’

The journalist stated that Daneels “began speaking about how he had a resurrection, that’s his imagery, a resurrection under Pope Francis.”

Meloni also explained that the name Francis originated from the Belgian cardinal who said in the 90s that we need new Francis.

‘’ Another influential cardinal for Cardinal Bergoglio was fellow Jesuit Cardinal Martini of Milan, whom Meloni puts in the center of her book. She described how Martini and Bergoglio had an “interesting dynamic” and that many of the same positions the former cardinal held were adopted by Francis, almost in lockstep fashion.

All these cardinals that were meeting in secrecy and influenced the election and agenda of Pope Francis were discussing how to change the Church and attempt to make it more liberal. They favored abortion, homosexuality, women ordinations, liturgical changes, and other radical ideas.’’ Life Site News reported.

After this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us. However, it is scandalous for the faithful to see that Francis himself promotes that same ideology during his pope eight years.

Furthermore, Meloni shared some advice for the Catholics fighting the culture wars in the Church.

“It’s very important to have something concrete that keeps you hopeful because it’s very spiritually exhausting work to have to deal with,” she said.

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