Spike Protein Syndrome Is Sweeping The Nation! Long-Lasting Side Effects From SP: Clogging Blood & Vital Organs!

We all know that we can’t trust WebMD regarding health-related questions. But, their customer-for-life backlash killed them regarding the dirty and deadly Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA COVID vaccines.
WebMD shared that the vaccines made in the laboratory were safe and effective, and they have never shared an article saying something positive about natural health, remedies, and natural immunity; that way, they will lose money.

The vaccinated people scream; Spike Protein Syndrome is the new Pandemic. It has long-lasting side effects, the adverse reaction from the toxic spike proteins injected into the organism. The proteins will contaminate the lungs, brain, and vital cleansing organs.

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The toxic proteins will remain in the inner walls of the blood vessels and make the heart overwork; the central nervous system will fire warning shots throughout the body.
The spike proteins lead to severe chronic inflammation, causing sickness and diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and dementia.

The coronavirus shot will now strengthen the immunity, won’t stop the transmissibility, but it will only weaken your organism and produce more money for the pharmaceutical companies.
At this moment, 200 million Americans struggle with C-19 shots’ toxic spike proteins clogging the blood and vital organs.

Regardless of which shot the people will get, billions of toxic spike proteins will start clogging the blood and vital organs. The vaccine isn’t discriminating; they attack children, people from different races, and physical fitness levels.

See below the recent complaints about the adverse reaction from the vaccine.

WebMD shared that everything could be guilty for the side effects, except the vaccines. They are safe and effective!

Vaccines are the worst solution to the Pandemic. They aren’t healing anything but dampen symptoms to a tolerable level when the issue’s roots are deeper and more severe.

We can easily and quickly find victims from the vaccines, and that is all over the internet. The damage is widespread; no one can hide what the vaccines do to the body.
WebMD has an award for wrongly directing the people who look for medical advice online. They still share all that the MSM reports on TV.

People have to look for natural immunity, and you shouldn’t take the experimental laboratory-made shot.
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