South Africa’s Top Health Officials: ” Travel Bans Are Unjustified”

Well, well, it seems that the international community – especially the people from where this new variant originated, aren’t so worried.

Mainstream media have added so many spices to the soup – it lost its original taste


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Travel bans have been the first reaction of many world countries, including the USA to the new variant emerging in Botswana and South Africa.

A dozen of people managed to shake the world once again!

But, is it justified?

Though numerous countries like Japan enforce travel bans to South Africa and neighboring countries, one of South Africa’s top health officials, Dr. Joe Phaahla admitted that travel bans and the reactions he is seeing are “not an answer.”

Dr. Phaahla noted, “If a country, through its scientific surveillance, is able to identify a particular variant, it is the wrong approach to then ascribes that particular variant to that particular country.”

“The doctor also said that many countries that have imposed travel bans have a much higher daily infection rate than South Africa. “It really doesn’t look scientific in any way. So that’s why we insist that kind of reaction is quite a knee jerk and panic and actually almost wanting to put the blame on other countries rather than work together as guided by the World Health Organization.”

Pleading with countries and organizations to work with South Africa, Dr. Phaahla added, “The U.K. simply went ahead and imposed the restriction without even engaging us. So, that was basically a unilateral action without, before there could be any engagement.”

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