Soros Backs a Plan to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department

If there was one thing in common between last year’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, one thing behind Donald Trump’s 2020 defeat, one thing behind the defund the police movement, it was Marxist billionaire George Soros’ active leadership and sponsorship.

Soros envisions a disarmed and submissive America ruled by socialist revolutionaries. He’s putting in a lot of effort and spending hundreds of millions of dollars of his huge fortune to make it happen and to put an end to the dream that began in Philadelphia in 1776.

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To that aim, he has supporters in the media, which is why you rarely hear about him, and in the Democratic Party’s hard left wing. And he’s establishing beachheads in major left-wing American cities. His tentacles spread from Manhattan to San Francisco, Minneapolis to Los Angeles, and Washington, DC to Seattle, controlling the lives of millions of Americans.

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He isn’t Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and this isn’t a Bond villain scenario. It’s far worse than anything you’ve ever read in a book. This is a genuine and immediate danger to the United States of America. His conduct could potentially be influenced by the Chinese Communist Party. He won’t stop till he’s achieved his sinister objectives. As a result, he must be stopped.

“The Department of Public Safety will transform the present police-only paradigm of public safety, to allow the City of Minneapolis a funded, responsible, and comprehensive public health approach to public safety,” another Soros ally group said of the attempt to depose the Minneapolis Police Department. This would enable us to be proactive and responsive to the community, deploying a variety of techniques, appropriately scaled responses, experts, professional employees, and licensed peace officers (commonly known as cops) as needed.” Reading between the lines is a good idea. There you will discover the true intention, the true threat, and the true wickedness.

David Kamioner penned this piece on August 7, 2021.

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