Someone’s In Trouble: Here’s Why MLB Pulled All-Star Game from GA

Many people have been scratching their heads, wondering why the MLB decided to relocate the All-Star Games from Atlanta.

Although it seemed to be a major act of virtue signalling, some sources indicate that it was more than that.

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According to sources, the MLB’s decision to pull the game from Georgia was influenced by none other than Stacey Abrams, Georgia’s disgraced former governor.

Just before the league made its disastrous decision, the MLB commissioner had a lengthy conversation with Abrams.

Isn’t that Stacey Abrams? Stacey Abrams, the same Stacey Abrams who has been telling Georgia voters ahead of her next governorship bid in 2022 that she opposes boycotts because of the economic harm they would cause lower-income workers?

She couldn’t be doing one thing in public and another behind closed doors to business leaders, could she?

I’m not convinced. For one thing, baseball executives would have ratted her out to the press if she secretly urged MLB to axe the All-Star Game and then turned around and cut a video for public consumption disagreeing with the decision. They would have resented doing something controversial at her request just to find her on the other side of the conflict until it was completed. They would have gotten into the hands of the wrong people. So far, no one has done so.

So far, so good.

It’s likely that Abrams begged him not to pull the game, but Manfred refused, recognizing that if he didn’t, the dispute would ultimately pit players against each other. It’s also conceivable that Manfred was initially swayed by Abrams’ advice to keep the game in Atlanta, but was spooked when Biden said he’d “strongly endorse” moving it.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if Abrams was involved in this at this stage.


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