Social Distance Tracking System Designed In Australia – Like it Came From Orwell’s 1984!

My absolute favorite genre of books and movies are Science \fiction – the dystopian, Orwell-like scenarios since they are actually PREDICTIONS for the future!

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Australia is advancing with their “measurements to fight COVID” – and it is becoming brutally drastic! Down in Sydney, the protest are already rising and are loud as hell. But, not only will the government bring in the military to enforce the lockdowns – but they’ve also got software like this to target rule breakers.

Watch the stunning video:

“Griffith University researchers are creating a computer program that can be linked up to security cameras. It identifies human shapes, monitoring how close together they are. Privacy was paramount in these week-long trials so no one was identified. People are represented as dots on a screen. Their IDs are not recorded.

Green means social distancing is being adhered to. Red is a breach. So not only can businesses see when there are breaches, but they can also identify spaces within venues where rule-breaking takes place, where more signage or physical barriers are needed.”

“We can start looking at the possibility of rearranging the areas or putting different furniture’s and different things like that so it will be possible for them to manage their space a bit better” – Dian Tjondronegoro

“Researchers say this technology could have real-world applications. Not just in airports but in shopping centers and other high-density public spaces.”


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