So, it Wasn’t Pelosi’s Lap Top That Was Stolen on January 6th, After All?

A correction made by the Associated press after such a long time has passed since the incident, obviously broke a huge hole in the entire narrative regarding the Capitol riots, presented by the Democrats.

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The long-rumored event, the notorious Capitol Riot, has many untrue, and yet unrevealed details. The whole saga is yet to be revealed. And, regarding the “stolen laptop” from the Capitol, which was rumored by the Democrats to have belonged to Nancy Pelosi, that was stolen by the Trump supporters in order to extract important hidden files – it is a total hoax.

The Associated Press made that pretty clear, after announcing that the stolen laptop was, in fact, just a staff laptop, that was only used for presentations.

They originally reported that the laptop was Pelosi’s personal property. After a very short time, the article was corrected to note that ‘the laptop, in fact, belonged to a member of Pelosi’s staff. It is unclear if it was that staff member’s personal property, but it seems likely it was a laptop owned by Pelosi’s office, as the Associated Press notes that it “was used only for presentations.”

“This story has been updated to correct that the laptop did not belong to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” noted the news agency, “but was a staff laptop stolen from a conference room that was used only for presentations.” The FBI agents who arrested the mother and son, according to the Associated Press, “said they were looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.”

Whether they were led by a false tip on the laptop, the FBI traded inside the home of Paul and Marilyn Hueper, that attended President Trump’s rally in Washington, due to the false tip that noted them as the possible culprits. It was noted that although they took a part in the rally, they did n;t enter the Capitol.

“Despite the FBI breaking down the family’s door in what they maintain was a no-knock raid, they now admit the family was not responsible for taking the infamous Pelosi laptop.”

It is obvious that the point of the theft was not sensitive information, after all…


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