“So Bizarre”: Americans React to Giant “Teleprompter” Joe Uses On His WH Set

Joe Biden is lying again about gas prices and trying to make it all Putin’s fault. But his lies aren’t selling.

And people can read them through even before he can!!!


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Americans simply know that mumbling Joe is the one who canceled President Trump’s successful energy policy on day one, while simultaneously “approving” Putin’s.

And Joe Biden is shamelessly delivering his lying remarks from that weird “White House set” he uses. And speaking of that “stage,” I think we just found the reason Biden uses that studio to deliver speeches… a new video shows the teleprompter Biden’s using, and it looks like it belongs at a drive-in movie, it’s so huge.

Here’s the people’s opinion.

“Teleprompter Joe. Give me about two minutes with that teleprompter and he’ll be reading the lyrics to “I Got The Six” by ZZ Top. And he WILL read it. He’d read your grocery list if it scrolled down that screen. He doesn’t know any better.”

“Where is the Wizard of Oz?”

“He can’t even read the GIGANTIC prompters”

“Counterfeit President… Counterfeit White House… Counterfeit thoughts…”

“Is this “dictator” who is “declaring war” a reference to … himself? (But it really is fascinating to see how badly they want a war to happen. Thankfully the American populace isn’t buying their endless wars anymore.)”

“Gas is approximately $2.40 per gallon in Moscow. Biden sold out his country and every family in it for millions. True.”

“Why don’t they just get this fool a drive-in screen to read off.”

“that teleprompter is so big you can see it from space”

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