Smartmatic Is Aiming To Sanction The Lawyer of Mike Lindell

According to a report from Business Insider, Smartmatic voting systems are aiming to sanction Mike Lindell’s lawyers.

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The report explains that Smartmatic is aiming to sanction both Lindell and his lawyers before the case even makes it to court.

“Despite being sued by both Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic for over $ 1 Billion dollars Lindell has stood his ground and has not backtracked anything he has said against the voting machine companies.”

However, Lindell’s lawyers might not be as strong and could easily back out of Mike’s corner if faced with threats of sanctions or disbarment.

“Taking the offense, the MyPillow CEO has filed countersuits and refused to hand over discovery information to Dominion after a federal judge said the technology company’s lawsuit could proceed. As part of one counterclaim, he alleged in court filings that Smartmatic and Dominion are both owned by Chinese nationals and that they colluded with a public relations firm to suppress his free speech and ruin him financially,” The Business Insider report further explained.

“This was the biggest crime family, probably bigger than the mafia crime family,” Lindell told Insider in an interview. “They were part of the biggest crime in human history, period. That’s where we’re at.”

Smartmatic has denied the claims and repeatedly pointed out that it played a role in only one county’s election administration in 2020. But the outlandish nature of the accusations pressed them to take another step: Asking the judge to sanction Lindell and his lawyers before the case is even over.

“There’s no legal precedent for the claims that are being brought,” Smartmatic’s attorney J. Erik Connolly told Insider. “I understand that someone can throw a lot of spaghetti on the wall. But that doesn’t provide you a factual or a legal predicate for a claim.”

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