Sky News Bring The Most Horrific News on Afghanistan: “Today is Worst Day By Far”

The video was taken directly from the insides of the Kabul airport. And what’s even more terrifying – how oud administration doesn’t seem to care not even one bit – Biden has returned to his precious “nap time”, or, vacation…

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This time, Biden decided to continue his nap in Delaware, while the situation in Afghanistan is boiling to the point of a political explosion, which would bring casualties and fugitives all around the world. His mistakes are going to be felt in every corner of the planet!

According to Sky News, Saturday was the worse day so far.

“Tens of thousands of people are being crushed – Taliban forces are beating people in the crowd with canes, children are sick and starving, and the Sky News foreign correspondent calls the scene literally “horrendous,” and says even the most seasoned and hardened military men are calling the situation at Kabul airport the worst thing they’ve seen in their life.”

You can watch the video below:

There were repeated gunshots at the airport, and according to numerous reports, ISIS is right outside of the airport, which is the reason why the Kabul US Embassy is telling Americans to stay away and not come to the airport.


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