Six Planes Located In Northern Afghanistan With Americans And Afghans Are Held Hostage By Taliban!

The MSM won’t cover this story because it doesn’t fit their narrative. The Taliban hold the planes as hostages in Northern Afghanistan.

A few retired Special Forces and US Veterans went to Afghanistan to save the Americans that Biden left alone there. The American heroes have six chartered airplanes on Tarmac in northern Afghanistan and are there along with the rescued people, and they can’t be helped.

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The planes can’t leave the Afghanistan land unless the Taliban clears them, which can be handled with a telephone call. The US heroes at this moment are sitting ducks, hostages of the Taliban. Only the time will show when they will become the targets.

The Taliban want the US government to recognize them and give them money.

However, the development of this story will force the mainstream media to report on this news.
Michael McCaul discussed this with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday on this topic. He claimed that the planes couldn’t leave until the US recognizes the Taliban terrorists as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

The State department confessed that the hostage-ransom situation is accurate. A few outlets reported on this situation, but rumors circulated that the Biden administration knew about this but kept it a secret.

Emily Miller has direct contact:

Dave and I have been talking daily about the Americans waiting in the airport for those planes to get permission to leave. I told Dave yesterday that the planes weren’t moving (read Friday update), and he thought they would. This is what he texted me today:

Well, your guy was right. We kept getting told we would fly out today but they just told us definitely not. Planning for resumption of flights tomorrow or Sunday. Taliban cooperating.

I asked Dave about the people waiting for seven days in the airport:

The waiting is horrible. And no one is being told anything. And the conditions are terrible. Sleeping on hard floors and people are hungry.

But, you know, Taliban are actually cooperating. The only ones they are giving a hard time to are former Afghan govt leadership. Day before yesterday they came in and arrested a former official. But everyone else they have left alone.

Sam in Project Exodus still says the planes aren’t leaving because the airline hasn’t gotten documents from the State Department for destination airfield. “I’ve been told things are stalled,” he texted me tonight.

We both hope Dan is right, and we’re wrong. Dan texted this:

There is no way they are not letting these people leave. They have no reason to detain them (other than money and negotiating leverage).

Kevin Moncla has more.

These heroes have the people, four Boeing 737s and two Airbus 343s on the tarmac at Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport, but they cannot take off. The Taliban now controls the airspace and they have to grant permission before the planes can depart. Neighboring countries must also provide clearance to allow flights through their airspace.

President Biden could easily negotiate the necessary authorizations with the Taliban but despite 3 days trying to get the White House to help, these veterans have been ignored. As if leaving Americans and Afghanis behind wasn’t bad enough, the administration is now effectively abandoning those who are putting their lives in danger to bring our people home.

The bottom line is that we have people stranded there and could be killed at any time. Our government has already failed in its most basic and fundamental responsibility to protect Americans. We must demand they do whatever it takes to get our people to safety NOW! Anything less is unacceptable.

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