Sidney Powell’s Mindblowing Theory About Brian Kemp’s Daughter’s Boyfriend Who Got Killed in a Car Crash

This is sensitive content, indeed!

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The tragic death of young Harrison Deal, the boyfriend of Brian Kemp’s daughter was yet another shock in the public. And it happened just after the notorious November 2020 elections…

And, shall I remind you that the young man was very political, and was actually an aide to then-Senator Kelly Loeffler?

Well, now, Sidney Powell made hue waves among the higher political public, stepping forward with her own theory on what just might have happened to the young guy. And, she shared it while chatting with conservative Pastor Andrew Wommack.

She stated:

“I think, what we are dealing with here is pervasive and very, very dark. It’s organized, it’s well-funded, it’s pure evil. They are willing to kill people à la Kelly Loeffler’s aide in Georgia, who was suddenly blown up in his car on the way to a rally for her. He happened to be dating Governor Kemp’s daughter. Governor Kemp was considering, I think, at that point a signature audit, and then the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, who was investigating that—he was suddenly dead within a week of that. And we don’t hear anything about that? We are talking about trillions of dollars of global wealth at issue here.”

Watch the video of their conversation and Sidney’s statement here:

The reason that so many conspiracy theories and such allegations, that just might be true, are floating around out there is simply because of the lack of transparency and trust with the government and the media!

Do you agree?

The people have lost their faith… and it would be very hard to earn it back, by any future leader!


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