Sidney Powell is So Excited For Frying Dominion Over Election Fraud Claims!

Dominion’s Eric Coomer, to be more specific.

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Despite the sleazy leadership we’re presented by Joe Biden, he’s still not willing to let the throne to the real winner, and stop making a fool of himself and the entire nation. At least, when you make such a great fraud to come to a certain position, you should present yourself in your best. Or, maybe this is Biden’s best…

But, has anyone veer deserved such a president?

“While social media giants and new outlets try to move past the highly controversial election results, Sidney Powell recently revealed that her legal team will have upwards of two hours to grill Eric Coomer with questions when it comes to his deposition on September 23rd. ”

Coomer is the security director of the Colorado-based Dominion Voting System.

“While Powell will get the chance to question Coomer, the security director also filed a defamation lawsuit alleging that Powell and numerous other parties accused him of being one of the masterminds behind the rigged election.”

Powell, already excited, answered, “Yes, we are! I can’t wait! Yeah, actually the court in Colorado, which is the first case, and that’s the one Coomer brought against us, has given us a short but two-hour deposition of him before we even get to decide what is called an ‘anti-slap issue.’ That’s a whole other legal thing. I won’t even get into it. But basically, you have a right in Colorado by statute to talk about issues of national importance without being slapped with a deposition lawsuit, which is exactly what we were doing, and there’s a hearing on that later this month. But we’re going to get the first deposition of Mr. Coomer on September 23rd as it stands now.”

Knowing that it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out, Powell added, “And then we get discovery in the Dominion lawsuit sometime after we file our final answer on the 24th. And that is going to be where the rubber really meets the road. We are all salivating over that.”


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