SHOCKING STATEMENT: Your Kid Should Decide About Risk On His Own – Parenting 101

Your child is smart enough and if he decides to stick a knife in a plugged toaster – you should let him be!

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This is the answer that Assistant HHS Secretary Nominee Rachel Levine gave while being intensively questioned by the senators in Capitol Hill. I mean, she did not directly answer – making the answer even more obvious! She dodged the question.

“Listen, it’s a simple question,” said Senator Paul. “Should we, or should we not allow 3-year-old kids to electrocute themselves by sticking a giant knife into a plugged-in toaster?”

And she answered: “That is a very interesting question about a complicated issue.”

Here are some other very interesting questions, who, y her, didn’t deserve to be answered.

Whether children should be allowed to decide on their own to:

  • Eat tide pods
  • Inject Heroin
  • Drink bleach
  • Go over Niagara Falls in a barrel
  • Inhale that green gas that turned Dr. Osborn into the Green Goblin
  • Play with loaded guns
  • Swim in the chocolate river from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory
  • Climb into a stranger’s car

Levine just answered that these are complicated questions, and that it should be left for a child to decide by their own.

Wat, what?

Let your own child decide on whether to inject heroin or not?!

And what’s this unstable woman actually doing on this interview?

She should be hospitalized…





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