SHOCKING: This Woman Predicted The Pandemic In 2019 And Warned Of Global Tyranny And Mandates! WATCH

Wow, so many videos are uploaded now online, and we have to check their validity so we can share them with you.

As time passes, many things are uncovered. I guess a lot of people know about the pandemic even before its outbreak. Maybe it is linked with instinct, or these people knew something in advance, but they knew what was coming.

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What we will share with you is fascinating.

One video uploaded to YouTube in September 2019 went viral after predictions in the post became our reality for the next couple of years.

The video dates four months prior to the pandemic outbreak in Wuhan, China. Claudia is the woman that told the followers, ‘’they are planning a pandemic, I am so sure of that.’’

“First of all, Bill Gates said there will be a pandemic, and at least 38 million people will die,” she added.
Claudia revealed Trump’s executive order initiating a task force committed to rapidly producing vaccines in case of a pandemic.

“How much more clear can it get that we have mandatory adult vaccines just around the corner?” the YouTuber asked. “This is where we are at in this country, and if there is a pandemic anywhere, there will be global everything. Because you know what will happen? All the countries will say we have to rally together because, with airplanes, the viruses can travel so fast, and we’ll all globally implement the same damn laws, which will be mandatory vaccines with toxic shit in our bodies that has not at all been proven effective or safe.”

Furthermore, Claudia stated that California gave power to the lawmakers to implement Martial Law in case of an outbreak. “This is what’s going to happen globally if we don’t wake up,” Claudia warned. “I mean, honestly, what else do you need to know?”

The Cabin Talk host said Big Pharma had played doctor bonuses to shoot up children with dangerous vaccines.

“If there was a place to go globally where it is better, I would go,” she explained. “But, this is the epicenter. The United States of America, corporate inc. is the epicenter of the problem. If we collectively don’t stand up to this utter bullshit, then forget it, it’s gonna be game fucking over.”

Claudia continued, “I don’t care if you believe in vaccines or not if you believe they’re good and safe and have cured the fucking plague. I don’t care! What I want is to decide over my body, what goes into my body! If you want to get the vaccines, go right ahead knock yourself out. But, I want to decide whether I want that in my body, and parents should be able to decide whether it goes into their children’s bodies.”

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Claudia stared. “Make your mind up today and fight for your rights.”
The prophetic YouTuber questioned the government on how they can mandate something that carries the risk of death.

In 2010, Jones warned about the globalist agenda of using a bioweapon to usher in a new era of global government and a one-world currency.

Take a look at the video below.

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