SHOCKING: Sick Bill Introduced For Unvaccinated Population: “Do Your Part Or Pay.”

No insurance for the unvaccinated population.

No insurance for the unvaccinated population.

The Democratic New York Assemblyman Pat Burke says that unvaccinated people contracted with C-19 won’t get insurance.

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“I’m introducing a bill that allows insurance providers to deny coverage for Covid related treatment to those who refuse to be vaccinated,” Burke tweeted Tuesday.

“Do your part or pay your way. Freedom isn’t free.”

It’s too sad to be funny.

It’s one of the draconian efforts of politicians to do something without consulting science, medical history, and common sense.

According to the Democrats, the people are robots who should risk their lives only to follow the rules they create.

They have to consider the science surrounding vaccines. Maybe the health officials say the vaccines are safe and effective, but the number of fatalities and side effects don’t say the same.

Next, the officials have to consider the medical history to date, and there has been an alarming number of side effects.

The aspect of common sense indicates that the people who have had C-19 are unlikely to get the sickness again.

It’s weird how Burke’s proposal would address such things since he announced filing the bill.

After his logic, will insurers cancer coverage for heart disease for obese people, diabetic meds for those who aren’t careful about what they eat? Vaccination represents a severe question determined between an individual and their physician.

One’s physician isn’t infected with the herd mentality encapsulated in the tendency to take at face value want Big Pharma dictates.

The vaccine may or may not be good for you. The government can’t make that decision.


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