SHOCKING: Pfizer C-19 Shot Causes SEVERE Fever In 1 Of 5 Children!

Pfizer’s clinical trial data for its vaccine shows that one out of five children will develop severe fevers.

In the latest report from Unreported Truths, Alex Berenson emphasized the terrible data shared by Pfizer and their investor.

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The company wants to find the dose for young children. Here’s a hint for Pfizer: children don’t need these vaccines.

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Unreported Truths:

Fevers in kids 2-5 who received 10 micrograms of mRNA were both more common and more severe than those in other children tested with the vaccine, the company found. The side effect occurred after both the first and second vaccine dose.

Pfizer can’t make an advance with the 10-microgram two-dose regimen for children at the age of 2-5; the company allowed the shots for five and older.

Pfizer tests much smaller doses for young children: three micrograms.

If a child of 5 develops as 4 or 3, takes the vaccine dose for kids at 5, they will develop a severe fever.

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Infowars reported:

Additionally, “Pfizer has not published any safety or efficacy data for its vaccine in children under 5 in a peer-reviewed journal,” reports the former New York Times journalist.

In their update, Pfizer said it would amend the study to evaluate a 3-microgram dose for children aged 6-months to 5-years-old.

Pfizer’s press release also admitted the company’s going on to test a third jab of the 3-microgram dose in children aged 2-5 after failing non-inferiority trials, further illustrating dosing challenges.

“Pfizer has not published any safety or efficacy data for its vaccine in children under 5 in a peer-reviewed journal,” Berenson notes, which means parents unfortunately have to trust data from the very company producing the vaccine.

Children must’s get vaccinated!

Parents, you have to protect your kids!

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