Shocking Performance of Carlson On Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss, the late children’s book author, was the subject of a tirade by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

Carlson concluded that, despite arguments to the contrary, Dr. Seuss was the furthest thing from a “racist.”

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Carlson started with a clip from a few years ago in which former Democratic Georgia state Rep. LaDawn Jones claimed that Dr. Seuss was a bigot, citing “stereotypical” imagery in his drawings as evidence.

“Now, what you just heard seemed nonsensical at the time, in fact, as we noted, kind of demented,” Carlson said, adding that of all the accusations leveled at Seuss, he believes “racist” is the least true. “Dr. Seuss was not a bigot in the least. Dr. Seuss was a preachy democrat and an anti-bigotry evangelist. He wrote a whole shelf of anti-racism novels, and he didn’t do it subtly. They were categorically and unequivocally anti-racist.

Carlson went on to say that efforts to “cancel” Dr. Seuss were the product of his attempts to fight prejudice, rather than his racism itself.

“It’s not dumb to cancel Dr. Seuss. It’s on purpose. They’re banning Dr. Seuss not because he was racist, but because he wasn’t,” Carlson said, citing Seuss’ book “The Sneetches” as an example.

“Here’s the story, in case you haven’t already read it to your kids 50 times and memorized it. Carlson explained, “There’s a community of fuzzy pear-shaped animals that live on what appears to be a far-away world.”

“In the novels, there were two classes of sneetches. Those with and without star-shaped patterns on their stomachs. The sneetches are unaware that there is no real distinction between the two classes. They believe that all stars matter, so they spend the whole story jockeying for place based on relative stardom.”

Carlson detailed the sneetches’ battle for social status, which culminated when things became so jumbled that no one could tell which was which.

“They’re all the same under the stars, they’re all sneetches. Who cares if anyone gets a star? What matters isn’t where you come from, but who you are.

It’s all about you. Tucker concluded, “Even a five-year-old gets the point of the story.” “At the deepest level, it doesn’t matter what we look like because we’re all the same underneath it all. Every single one of us is a human being. We’re all in it together! It’s useless to worry about external appearances. It just serves to make people hate one another. It also makes us seem ridiculous. It’s unlikely that a more strong declaration on man’s universal brotherhood will be found in the children’s section of the bookstore.”


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