SHOCKING MAP: Mass Shootings Soar in Biden’s “United/Loving” America

We were all promised a major return to “normalcy” when Joe Biden was installed in the White House.

All was going to be fine now that the adults were in control, boy.

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Democrats said that we were returning to 2009, when Obama and Joe dominated the world and everything was “perfect.”

Allow me to take a breather.

Sure, no one had a job or any money back then, but there were no nasty tweets, right? Obama’s enchanted love made the world a better place.

Give me a break once more…

For four years, the media and Democrats have convinced us that President Trump is to blame for all the hate and turmoil in the world, and that if we just got rid of him, everything will be fine.

They got rid of him, but things don’t seem to be getting any better. In reality, under bumbling Joe’s phony presidency, things have gotten a whole lot worse.

Check out this map of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States in the last month.

Following a dramatic decline in mass shootings in the United States during a pandemic-plagued 2020, ABC 27 announced that this year has already seen many deadly events.

A shooting late Thursday at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis resulted in the deaths of eight people, according to police. The gunman also took his own life.

According to a database collected by The Associated Press, USA Today, and Northeastern University, there was a lull in mass killings during the pandemic in 2020, which saw the fewest such attacks in more than a decade.

Here are only a few of the recent mass shootings that occurred during Joe Biden’s inept presidency:

In attacks that started the evening of March 16, a gunman killed eight people at three massage parlors in the Atlanta area. Seven of the victims were women, and six of them were Asian. A 21-year-old white man has been charged with the murders. The shooter’s argument that he was motivated by a sex addiction was met with suspicion.

A week later, on March 22, a gunman opened fire at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, killing ten people, including a police officer who was the first on the scene. After passing a background check, the defendant purchased a weapon from a nearby gun shop. Investigators are trying to figure out what motivated the shooting and why the gunman chose that particular location.

A gunman opened fire at a Southern California office building on March 31, killing four people and seriously injuring a fifth. Many of the victims were familiar to him. He reportedly chained the gates to two entrances before opening fire, preventing police from entering.

Former NFL player Phillip Adams fired six people a week later, on April 7. A famous doctor, Robert Lesslie, was killed, along with his son, two grandchildren, and two air conditioning technicians who were working at their home. Adams committed suicide as well. His brain is currently being tested for a degenerative disorder that has been linked to violent mood swings and other cognitive issues.


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