SHOCKING EVIDENCE: COVID 19 Didn’t Came From Bats!

A stormy new revelation stroke the world about the very nature and origins of the COVID 19.

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We have surpassed the dark era of disbelief. Our government is no longer capable to silence curious minds, scientists, and institutions. And what once was a “crackpot theory” is now a major belief. The majority of Americans today believe that the virus was leaked from a poorly secured laboratory.

According to the breaking story posted by Just The News,

“A new study alleges that Chinese scientists developed COVID-19 in a lab and then sought to obfuscate by reverse-engineering virus versions to cause it to appear the illness evolved from bats.

“For a year we have possessed prima facie evidence of retro-engineering in China in early 2020,” British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen claim in their work…

“They’ve changed the virus, then tried to make out it was in a sequence years ago,” he said.

One issue they point to pertains to the presence of four amino acids in a row on the SARS-Cov2 spike: “The laws of physics mean that you cannot have four positively charged amino acids in a row. The only way you can get this is if you artificially manufacture it,” Dalgleish noted to the outlet.”

What are your personal statements on this day? what do you believe out of all the stuff you’ve heard and read about COVID 19 origins?


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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