Shocking Claim By Donny Deutsch: ‘I Really Believe That Trump Will Go To Prison’

Donny Deutsch, the MSNBC contributor, spoke out on Friday to say that former President Donald Trump would end up in prison.

After pointing out how “shady” real estate agents are, Deutsch reported on “Morning Joe” that Trump has always “acted outside the lines,” adding that prison will be Trump’s “last act.”

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According to Fox News, Deutsch said, “Oh, [Trump] is concerned.” You know, for instance, real estate guys are shady just in the way they do business, most of them, I hate to say that watching for my real estate mates, but Donald Trump is the bottom of the barrel by far. Whatever you can do as far as playing outside the lines, this guy has done all his life.

He said, “They’re going to dismantle him.” And if you just think about the mentality of a federal or local person or any other person of the sort of law enforcement who works at a comparatively small wage, you know, they live for these moments. Here’s a guy who claimed to be taller than the house. Here’s a man who was trying to actually tear down who we are.

No one is going to approach this… no one is going to… With a soft knife if you will,’ concluded Deutsch. Wait for Donald Trump, then, to spend the remainder of his life fighting or in prison. I don’t mean a life in prison, but I think that’s where he’ll end up. I know it’s tough for people to see, but I honestly believe he ends up in jail. This is the final act of this utterly repulsive opera, I suppose.

In this interview, Deutsch also said there is no way Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

“Donald Trump will not be a candidate in 2024, Donald Trump will not be a feasible option, but you’ve got all of these Republicans who think he is the Holy Grail and that if they step away from him, they won’t get re-elected a year, two years, three years from now,” Deutsch said.


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