SHOCKER: Pilot Caught on Hot Mic Blasting Liberals “F**king Weirdos”

This Southwest pilot, in my opinion, should be awarded the Medal of Freedom and then run for Congress because he is incredible.

In San Francisco, a rumored Southwest pilot was busted by hot mic shredding liberals and the “weirdos.”

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Of course, the PC cops are enraged and demand that this man’s head be served on a platter. They want to ruin his life because he told the truth.

An open mic recording of a Southwest Airlines pilot leaving Mineta San Jose International Airport delivering an expletive-filled rant toward the liberal Bay Area community has surfaced.

One Mile at a Time, an aviation and travel blog, published the account of a Twitter user who shared air traffic control audio from March 13 on their site. Following a series of f-bomb threats, someone is heard saying his flight is “ready to go.”

“F— this place, g–damn liberal f—s.”
“Eight guns out here somewhere as it is.”
“F—ing weirdos, probably driving around in f—ing Hyundas, f—ing roads and s— that go slow as f—.”

Live ATC, a website that livestreams and documents air traffic control transmissions, archived the audio.

Will Lawton, the blog’s cited Twitter user, said in a Facebook post that the person heard in the audio is definitely a Southwest pilot.

“I’m pretty sure based on the same voice at the end of the rant saying ‘Southwest 531 ready to go,’” said Lawton, who describes himself as a pilot on his Facebook page.

The person heard in the audio is an airline employee, according to a Southwest spokesperson.



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