Sheriff’s Brilliant Plan To Make Biden Face The Border Crisis

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is obviously sick and tired of playing the political game of hide & seek. So he came up with this brilliant idea!

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H plans to have a “Beer Summit” inside the White House!

And how is this going to make Biden face the border crisis??

Well, here’s how:

Arpaio is actually planning to sit down and have “4 eyes” conversation with Biden, making him realize how serious the situation actually is!

“The first hundred days I became a target, and information I received indicates that the Department of Justice investigation did not have evidence. They went solely on media reports,” Arpaio stated in an article that was released in The Western Journal.

“So I want a beer summit,” Arpaio said, not only to bury the war hatchet but to speak about the current border crisis.

The “Beer Summit” is a thing that derives from the ruling days of Barrack Obama. After he misunderstood and accused the Cambridge Police Department of acting “stupidly”, as he said back then, realizing he did wrong, he invited all the affected parties in the White House and hosted the alleged “Beer Summit” to straighten things out and make the best possible outcome of the situation.

And how brilliant Sheriff Joe has remembered this – because it is the perfect plan to implement regarding the border crisis!

Because “our beloved president” obviously doesn’t care for the situation, or he thinks it is not much of a serious crisis!

“You know, I worked the border for 38 years,” Sheriff Joe explained. “I was the director of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Mexico City and South America, Central America, Texas, Arizona.”

Arpaio was also the Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff for six continuous terms — from 1993 to 2017.

“So I would think that the president or the vice president would at least pick my brain and see what all that experience — what I could add to help them and the people of our country. And I’ll put my resume against anybody,” the 88-year-old said.

I vote for this awesome plan!

And you? What’s your personal opinion on this?


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