She Avoided The Question Like A True Politician – Kamala Harris Couldn’t Care Less About Schools And Education

Vice President kamala Harris, the right hand of new elected President Joe Biden obviously can’t handle so much responsibilities. If she can’t manage to deal with the education, one of the most important sections in our society, what should we expect this governing would bring onto us?

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According to the last interview on NBC, when Harris was asked about when exactly the schools would be open, she completely dodged the true right answer, stating that “In the last four weeks, schools are opening, every week more schools are opening,” the vice president told host Savannah Guthrie. “And it is because we are supplementing what needs to happen around the vaccinations getting into states, but also because we are seeing progress, folks are wearing masks when they’re getting vaccinated, when they’re social distancing, we’re seeing progress there.”

With this comment, it is absolutely sure that the Democrats are being held back by teacher’s unions instead of being vice versa – since they can’t really manage leading a country, especially raising the new hopeful young generations and their education.

She added “But we all want the schools to reopen, Savannah, all of us who have children in our lives. They want to go back to school, we want them to go back to school, teachers want to teach.” This surely sounded as an explanation and chasing away guilt, don’t you think?


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