Sharyl Attkisson Creates A List Of All Vaccines’ Side Effects, Adverse Reactions, And Injuries!

Sharyl Attkinsson is an investigative journalist who is collecting the reports of the CCP vaccines’ injuries, deaths, and adverse reactions on her website.

Among the latest reports, we could fund instances of CNS demyelination, functional neurological disorder, waning immunity, Bell’s palsy, ADE, heart disorder, Graves’ disease, and blood clots.

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Even though the US CDC claims that the CCP vaccines are safe and effective, the evidence claims the contrary. We could find more Fauci Flu shot injuries logged in VAERS than in all other vaccines together. So, “Operation Warp Speed” is among the most dangerous ones.

We can find different causes of injury and death on the website regarding the safety concerns, vaccine type, and country. You can find some reading materials and studies about the shot.

We found many reports about side effects of the shots that are now calling on the UK-based Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to terminate the application of these vaccines because they aren’t safe for humans.

People who already got the shot face terrible reactions, blooding, blood clotting, chronic pain, immune system damage, etc.

Pharmacy professor: The COVID-19 Shots have to be disapproved.

Linda Wastila is a professor at the Pharmaceutical Health Services Research Department at the University Of Maryland School Of Pharmacy. She launched a petition calling Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections to stop being administered immediately.

Fifty-seven authors from seventeen countries signed the petition. Dr. Peter McCullough signed the petition and said: “no clinical benefits” were regarded from the shots, but we have numerous concerns regarding their safety.

McCullough is a cardiologist who teaches internal medicine at the Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center.
You can share Atkinson’s list. That way, you will save some lives.

“It is truly a crime against humanity well defined by the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Convention,” was one comment.

“Private companies are required by law to announce the side effects of their medicines, both verbally and in writing, in their advertising,” wrote another. “Public agencies promoting getting shots have not followed the same rules. Silence on the negatives. Thanks for countering their omissions.”

“Vaccine-related deaths are 5X higher than what was reported on VAERS,” commented another.


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