Several Other Countries Forcing Vaccines For ALL CITIZENS!

After Austria made the big stupid step, a few other countries are thinking about doing the same.

This is the real threat!

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Though Austria became the wrist Western country to oppose such a mandate to all of its citizens, without limitations, several Asian countries, meanwhile, have been doing it for a while longer.

Indonesia issued a sweeping mandate back in February that denies unvaccinated citizens of access to social assistance and government services. If this is not punishment enough, the non-jabbed also face harsh financial penalties for non-compliance.”

“In Micronesia, starting July everyone over the age of 18 must prove that they got jabbed in order to continue receiving federal funding. Most Micronesians, it turns out, rely on federal funding in order to live.”

Turkmenistan is another country that made compulsory vaccination a thing back in July, despite claiming to have zero Chinese Virus infections within its borders. Turkmenistan faces accusations of falsifying plandemic data to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Costa Rica became the first country in the world to force Fauci Flu injections on children. Officials there announced that the jabs will join the growing list of others that are already required for children to attend school.”

Writer Robert Hart at Forbes appears to fully endorse all of this. He explains in the “Key Background” section of his article that governments around the world are “turning up the heat on those still refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19” as if this is a good thing.

“Abundant scientific evidence shows the shots are safe, effective and capable of driving down deaths and hospitalizations,” he claims without any evidence whatsoever to back it.

He further writes that governments are “targeting holdouts with strict measures to boost vaccination rates, including targeted lockdowns, restricting access to public spaces, no longer covering healthcare costs if they contract coronavirus and mandating the shot.”

Hart did, however, use the word “extreme” to describe any such mandates that cover “the entire population.” Instead, the majority of governments are “focused on specific groups,” he says, including “public servants” and “healthcare workers.”

Much like what happened after 9/11 with the “Patriot Act” under George W. Bush, the “CARES Act,” which was passed by Congress in 2020 and signed by Donald Trump, transformed the world into a medical police state where governments have given themselves the power to tyrannize people using the excuse of “public health.”

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