Seth Keshel Drops A Bombshell: TRUMP WON Pennsylvania By 6-8%! WATCH!

The Bannon War Room show on Monday was on fire! The Big Lie is revealed, and no one can stop us now!

The truth will surface!

Steve talked to Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University and retired Army intelligence captain Seth Keshel. They discussed the analysis of the November election.

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It was the point when Seth Keshel dropped a BOMB on the Bannon War Room!

Seth said that Trump won Pennsylvania by 6-8% in the 2020 election. I don’t think this is hyperbole, but it’s based on the models and predictions and 75 years of history.

Seth Keshel also shared that the Republicans out-registered Dems 21:1 from 2016 during Trump’s era.

Trump’s pro-America message resonated with the Pennsylvanians’ working class, so everyone who paid attention knew what’s about.

Keshel mentioned the predictive models in Pennsylvania for the 2020 election. A couple of countries magically outperformed for Biden.

The trendlines showed that Trump was winning in Pennsylvania by 6-8 points.

Below you can read his earlier analysis.

Here is my formal declaration for Pennsylvania I wrote back in November.

I knew it was ugly and have been saying it was a slam dunk, 300-400k Trump state. Appears I was light and it may be about a half million.

Another fun fact on PA – the winner of Luzerne County in presidential races has carried PA every election since 1936. Trump still won it over a lot of fraud.

Any Republican in that time frame winning Luzerne County has also never failed to carry Michigan.

We will win.

Trump +6-8 pts. in PA.

And now you can watch Bannon War Room from this morning!

The Gateway Pundit Rumble

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