SENSITIVE CONTENT: Aborted Baby Retrieved From A Biohazard Container, Along with His Patient Records!

The gruesome discovery happened around the Cleveland area abortion center.

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Now, I’ve already mentioned in the headlines, but I’m going to warn you again: DO NOT READ if you’re a sensitive person or have small children at home, or if you’re an expecting mother…

For your own good…

According to the report published by Life Site News,

“The body of an aborted baby, multiple biohazard waste items, and patient records were dumped into a Cleveland-area abortion center trash containers, Ohio-based pro-life group Created Equal disclosed today.

On June 7, pro-lifer and Red Rose Rescuer Matthew Connolly searched the trash containers of the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center (NEOWC) abortion clinic located at 2021 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls. As he carefully looked through each bag, Connolly discovered something most profoundly sad and shocking — the dismembered body of an aborted baby, approximately 16 to 18 weeks gestation, killed by the dilation and evacuation method.

The aborted baby had been hidden and wrapped up in a blood-stained blue surgical pad used during the abortion procedure. Funeral arrangements are already underway.

In addition, several discarded prescription vials and urine cups were found that contained intact names of clinic patients and biohazard waste such as other bloody blue surgical papers and soiled suction cannulas used in the abortions.

Subsequent searches of NEOWC trash containers were conducted by Connolly and a local pro-life activist from June 8 through June 29. They continued to find more patient names on prescription pads, urine-filled specimen cups with women’s names, and more bloody items connected with the abortion procedures.

Altogether 31 names of women, both first and last names, were found, possibly resulting in the NEOWC being cited for violating HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).”

The people “responsible” for this kind act are members of the organization called Red Rose Rescue (RRR), and are about to stand trial for their life-saving efforts on Friday.


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