Secretly Recorded Calls Contributes To Controversy Around Cawthorn!

A former district staff member for Rep. Madison Cawthorn accuses him of improperly firing her once she denied her family and medical leave, allegations the lawmaker and his office have denied.

For more than a year, Lisa Wiggins was a caseworker for the 26-year-old first-term representative in his district office, stating the office had “more liquor bottles than they do water bottles.”

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Cawthron’s office refused these allegations that have emerged from a secret conversation recording with the head of the anti-Cawthorn PAC, hinting at potential counteraction by saying that they constitute defamation of character.

Wiggins unloaded about Cawthorn in a conversation with David Wheeler, the anti-Cawthorn American Muckrakers PAC president, accused him of ‘’denying me my FMLA’’ leave when her uncle died her husband had a heart attack.

Wiggins didn’t know about the recorded call, and Wheeler assured her that it wasn’t possible Cawthorn could know that they talked.

Wiggins wasn’t prepared to share her story and was shell-shocked at her statements and declined to elaborate on the accusations.

However, Wiggins confirmed that she is working for a GOP challenger to Cawthorn.

“​​It’s not as though I was just working for him against Cawthorn. Cawthorn was no longer going to be working in this district. And he also gave me a blessing to do so when he left the district,” Wiggins told The Hill.

“I recorded it for my notes because I usually transcribe notes out, and she just kept going on and on. I realized I had a bombshell on my hands,” Wheeler told The Hill. “I just think it was in the public’s interest to hear this story.”

In the call, Wiggins told Wheeler she was fired three days after the warning that wasn’t precise.

The former worker told Wheeler that she was working with a lawyer on Capitol Hill for actions against the congressman.

“They have more liquor bottles than they do water bottles,” Wiggins told Wheeler. “There’s always all kinds of animals in there. Kittens, puppies, you know. There’s a litter box in there, for heaven’s sake. I’m not against animals, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not professional.”

She plainly expressed her dislike of Cawthorn.

“He’s just a bad person, he’s a habitual liar, and he’s going to say and do anything he can to your face, but behind your back, it’s completely opposite,” Wiggins said in the call.

Wiggins stated that while “we all want the ultimate goal of him not ever serving again” and that she wished the news of her complaint would “hit the front newspaper.”

“I can’t release it until the end cause it can hinder my case,” she said.

Cawthorn’s office refuted Wiggins’s claims.

“These accusations are verifiably false. The individual spreading these disgusting allegations is currently working for a primary opponent of Congressman Cawthorn,” spokesman Luke Ball said in a statement. “We believe these comments potentially amount to defamation of character and are exploring options to ensure the Congressman’s name emerges from these slanderous remarks unscathed.”

Ball added that Cawthorn’s office hadn’t received notice of a complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights.

Cawthron was charged with driving on a revoked license. He said he had been invited to an orgy in Washington DC, and people would testify for addiction treatment.

‘’ It has also put pressure on his reelection prospects. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) recently endorsed state Sen. Chuck Edwards, one of Cawthorn’s challengers. Cawthorn needs to secure at least 30 percent support in his May 17 primary in order to avoid a primary runoff.’’ The Hill reported.

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