Secret Federal Agents Confirmed Working Capitol Rioters, Latest Court Documents Reveal!

The latest documents shared that minimum on the undercover federal agent was working the extremist groups that appeared at Capitol on January 6.

Everything was discovered in an affidavit together with criminal charges against Fi Duong.

“An accused U.S. Capitol protester spoke with an undercover Washington police officer on January 6 who later connected the man to an undercover FBI worker,” the Epoch Times shared.

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“On the morning of January 6, 2021, Fi Duong and an associate of his (Associate 1) introduced themselves to a Metropolitan Police Department Undercover Employee (MPD UCE) in the vicinity of Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C,” reads the criminal complaint. “Duong asked the MPD UCE if he/she was a ‘patriot,’ to which the MPD UCE responded in the affirmative and asked Duong the same question. Duong responded by claiming to be an ‘operator.’”

“Later that afternoon, the MPD UCE observed Duong kneeling by a marble fence on the West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol building, past the line of police officers and the construction scaffolding which were in place on January 6, 2021,” it continued. “The location where Duong was observed is known to be within what was a restricted zone on January 6, 2021. Duong and the MPD UCE exchanged greetings to one another but did not communicate further. Duong did not appear to be interacting with anyone else.”

The FBI special agent Json Jankovitz filed the charges, showing details on the FBI’s monitoring of Duong and the Bible study group serving for the group.

The Washington Post reported that Duong stated in passing that it would be the first time an undercover FBI agent was confirmed as working for an extremist group.

“Fi Duong, 27, appeared in court Friday and was released to home confinement pending trial, over the objections of prosecutors who sought stricter terms,” the Washington Post shared. ”According to the court record, at the time of his arrest, he had several guns, including an AK-47, and the material to make 50 molotov cocktails. Details of the case — one of the first if not the first in which the government publicly disclosed it had someone undercover to continue monitoring a January 6 defendant — were made public Tuesday.”

“During the same meeting, Duong allegedly said he was in Washington on January 6 and that he was dressed that day in all-black to try to look like a member of Antifa, a far-left, an anarcho-communist network that has carried out violence in the United States,” the report continued.

In the report, we can read that Multiple FBI agents were involved in Duong’s actions and his group of associates.

“Duong added the FBI undercover agent to an encrypted messaging platform chat room, and on January 18, the agent asked if he was ‘masked up in the Capitol,’” the Epoch Times reported. “Duong answered yes, and said he was aware that people were being arrested for being inside the Capitol. He later described himself as ‘documenting’ what took place in the building.”

“The agent in February met with Duong and other members of the group for a Bible study and on other occasions participated in other meetings, including one on June 9,” the report added. “The group soon started to surveil the Capitol, according to the undercover worker. At one point, the FBI agent and Duong met with another undercover FBI agent at the site of a former jail, where Duong allegedly wanted to test Molotov cocktails he’d constructed.”

In the report, Duong said that the undercover agent’s family spent two generations running from communists in China and Vietnam.


The DC Patriot Justice The Epoch Times

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