Scott Baio Made A Fuss With this Brilliant Tweet About AZ Audit

The left is going insane over the Arizona audit, which is really ridiculous.

Why wouldn’t you want to put their fears to rest with a complete and thorough audit if a significant portion of the electorate believes their vote was not counted?

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And why would this be an issue if you’re confident that your candidate received 82 million votes or more?

If anything, it seems that you should be ecstatic to show off how well-liked your guy is while also assuaging Americans’ fears.

Isn’t that correct?

No, it’s not true. Of course not, because we all know that isn’t the case, and if this audit is conducted reasonably, we will be able to see that President Trump won Arizona without a doubt.

But, as conservative actor Scott Baio points out, the left has found itself in a ridiculous pickle.

We have a group of little online tyrants who demand that every tweet and meme be vetted and fact-checked down to the tiniest and most insignificant detail, but they don’t want the same thing done with presidential ballots?

Isn’t it a little strange?

That’s exactly what Scott Baio said in his extremely famous tweet.

He posted a meme with former “Twilight Zone” host Rod Sterling, highlighting the left’s idiocy.

It’s fine and accurate.

Take a look at this:




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