SCIENTIFIC TREASON: U.S. Traitors Driven By Greed Bet On China’s Success!

Even though we have proof that the virus must have been made in a lab, it isn’t a surprise that the U.S. intelligence agencies released an inconclusive report about its roots.

They are part of a permanent U.S. federal bureaucracy controlled by influential people who profit from the CCP collaboration.

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The oligarchs don’t consider the U.S. a nation but land and slaves to exploit.

The rich and influential Dems and Republicans want to sell America for money. Like Judas goats leading sheep and cattle to the slaughter, U.S. elites help the CCP plunder America and kill its population.

Xiang Gao‘s tale is illustrative of that point. He represented a CCP scientist and participated in the transfer of vital American biotechnology to China and the use of precisely that tech in China’s biowarfare program.

He’s graduate from Nanjing University in 1985 and 1988. It isn’t a coincidence that this university is the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command headquarters, involved in the crucial research that caused the pandemic.

In 1994 he finished his Ph.D. at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. Before returning to China in 2000, he got six years of postdoctoral training in the U.S. at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology, Jackson Laboratory, Maine, and the University of North Carolina. Last was Ralph Baric, which is famous for the c-19 gain of function research and collaboration with Zheng-Li Shi of the WIV.

He spent two years in the USA and saw the most crucial experiments of genetically-defined mice. Later, he reproduces the Jackson Lab at Nanjing University as its Director of the Institute of Model Animals.

He worked with People’s Liberation Army scientists, people linked to China’s biowarfare program.

Genetically modified mice are biotechnology pioneered by The Jackson lab, and now it is spread in China’s military research centers.

‘’Pre-adaptation for human infection can be achieved in the laboratory by repeatedly exposing bat coronaviruses to genetically-engineered mice that express the human angiotensin-converting enzyme two receptors (ACE2), a process known as serial passage.

According to Tao Wang, General Manager of Jiangsu Jicui Yaokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Nanjing, U.S., scientists Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina and Stanley Perlman of the University of Iowa donated their ACE2 genetically-engineered mice to China.

Although the Baric and Perlman mouse models adequately express the human lung ACE2 receptors, they did not fully express human ACE2 receptors found in the brain, heart, kidney, and the gastrointestinal system.’’ TGP reported.

Chinese scientists created a genetically engineered mouse, expressing the human ACE2 receptors, stimulating the human infection to a greater extent.

We have to say that Xiang Gao is one of the owners of Jiangsu Jicui Yaokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Jicui Yaokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. got funding from the U.S. investment firms Morgan Stanley and Hillhouse Capital group.

It was renamed in GenPharmatech, to start with the operations in the U.S. with Mark W. Moore as the American face of the company. It will house more than 6000 mouse types in Massachusetts and California, completing with The Jackson Lab and other U.S. companies.

Bottom Line – U.S. traitors, driven by greed, are betting on the success of China.

The Gateway Pundit Business Wire SOHU

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