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Israel has tested the new laser missile-defense system by intercepting mortars rockets and anti-tank missiles.

Here’s what the Israeli president commented:

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In the video, you can see that the Israeli laser system is called ‘’Iron Beam’’ and it is taking down rockets and mortars.

Their current missile defense system, the Iron Dome, has an amazing 90% success against the rocket fire. It is expensive and costs tens of thousands of dollars to intercept one rocket. The incoming rocket costs only a few hundred dollars.

Hamas had launched more than 4,000 rockets in the Israel-Gaza War.

Israel has placed the system on tanks, and the lasers could take out anti-missiles and other missiles.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

“This is a historical moment for weapons systems. For the first time, an energy-based weapons system actually works. I am not talking about ideas, but a system that works,” said Brig.-Gen. Yaniv Rotem, head of Military R&D in the Defense Ministry.

“Our mission was clear: to show that it works before the Passover holiday with all the criteria that we set,” said Rotem, adding that the series of experiments have allowed Israel to enter a “whole new era.”

“No one in the world has shown such capabilities. The State of Israel is the first to carry out a live firing attempt. We are in an age of new types of weapons – energy-based weapons. We are there,” he said.

The Defense Ministry wants to continue to develop laser systems that could be installed on fighter jets and drones.

If they can develop an airborne high-powered laser system, it will reduce the cost of interception and will increase the ability to intercept long-range threats.

Jerusalem Post added:

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that Israel has become one of the first countries to succeed in developing powerful laser technology at operational standards that can carry out interceptions in operational scenarios.

“Energy-based weapons with a powerful laser is, in my opinion, a very significant game-changer,” Gantz said, adding that the system “will contribute to the denial of critical enemy capabilities in all arenas.”

While Gantz said that it will still take time before it is fully operational, “for the first time ever a powerful laser system has intercepted distant targets. This achievement is because of Israeli innovation, the defense establishment, and the industries that have come together to provide an umbrella of security for the citizens of Israel.”

Calling it “first-rate breakthrough technology,” Gantz said the system will not only provide the IDF with great operational capabilities, but it will give the government flexibility and the ability to breathe during wartime.

In March, Gantz approved the allocation of hundreds of millions of shekels to develop and produce a high-powered laser system. The Defense Ministry signed an agreement with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to develop the system, which will be integrated into Israel’s multi-tier air defense to be used alongside the Iron Dome.

“The cooperation between Rafael and the Defense Ministry [research team] has led to a technological breakthrough and the completion of a significant milestone, one that will allow us to reach initial operational capability in a short time,” said Rafael CEO Yoav Har-Even.

Rotem told reporters that they were able to intercept a variety of aerial threats “at challenging ranges” for the first time. According to him, the ground system will be able to destroy targets at a range of eight to 10 kilometers (five to six miles) with a laser that goes beyond 100 kilowatts.

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