SCANDAL: Twitter Permanently Bans James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe, a right-wing provocateur known for his undercover “sting” operations and deceptively edited images, was permanently banned from Twitter on Thursday for violating the social media site’s manipulation and spam policies.

O’Keefe’s suspension comes after his organization, Project Veritas, was kicked off Twitter for “repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy.” O’Keefe’s account was also briefly locked at the time due to a compliance violation.

His suspension from Twitter on Thursday, however, was not a one-time occurrence.

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A Twitter spokesperson told The Daily Beast, “The account you referenced (@JamesOKeefeIII) was permanently suspended for breaching the Twitter Rules on site abuse and spam.”

Users “can’t deceive people on Twitter by running fake accounts,” according to Twitter guidelines, and “can’t artificially escalate or interrupt conversations by the use of multiple accounts,” according to the social networking site.

O’Keefe’s latest “sting” video, which focuses on a purported CNN technical director telling an undercover Project Veritas operative he met on Tinder that the network’s focus was to “get Trump out of office” and peddle fake news, was released earlier this week.

The past two nights, O’Keefe appeared on Sean Hannity’s primetime Fox News show to promote his new CNN images, arguing that they confirm that CNN increased its coverage of scandal-plagued Congressman Matt Gaetz because he’s a “threat for the Democratic Party,” and that COVID-19 deaths were overhyped for ratings.

O’Keefe issued a statement in response to his permanent suspension, claiming that he is “suing Twitter for defamation” over the company’s assertion that he ran fake accounts.

He said, “This is wrong, this is defamatory, and they will pay.” “Section 230 may have shielded them from me in the past, but it will not shield them from me now. On Monday, the complaint will be filed.”


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