SCANDAL: Liz Cheney Led Mutiny By Former Pentagon Chiefs Against Trump

Rep. Liz Cheney’s removal from her leadership role in the House of Representatives could happen as soon as this week, and it can’t come soon enough.

Not only has Cheney stoked anti-Trump sentiment within the GOP, possibly jeopardizing the midterm elections, but she was also personally involved in sabotaging the former president while he was still in office.

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According to the ultra-liberal New Yorker, Dick Cheney’s vindictive daughter engineered a mutiny against the sitting president by orchestrating an op-ed by ten former defense secretaries that was released by the Washington Post in early January.

The ten ex-Pentagon bosses wrote an extraordinary op-ed days before Congress gathered to certify the Electoral College results, endorsing Joe Biden’s “victory” and condemning a man who was still the nation’s constitutional leader.

Eric Edelman, a longtime henchman of former Vice President Cheney, is quoted in the article as letting the cat out of the bag about the troubled Wyoming congresswoman’s betrayal.

“Edelman disclosed that Cheney secretly arranged an unprecedented op-ed in the Washington Post by all ten living former Defense Secretaries, including her father, warning against Trump’s attempts to politicize the military,” according to the New Yorker.

Despite the fact that President Trump never sought to enlist the military to fight a rigged election, Democrats and the media continued to spread the false narrative that he was dangerously close to declaring martial law.

“The congresswoman not only hired her father but also personally invited others, including Trump’s first Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, to participate,” the New Yorker article continues. Edelman said, “She was the one who created it because she was so worried about what Trump would do.”

Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, a man who has been his sidekick since both were members of the Gerald Ford administration, as well as Obama flu, signed the WaPo op-ed.

Two of Trump’s own appointees have stabbed him in the back: Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper and James “Mad Dog” Mattis, who resigned after throwing a tantrum over Trump’s unwillingness to launch a war in Syria. Bushie Robert Gates and Clinton SECDEF William Cohen rounded out the area.

The fact that ten former Pentagon chiefs will sign on to promote what was basically a ludicrous conspiracy theory reveals the swamp’s desperation to get rid of Trump.

Another nail in Cheney’s political coffin should be the revelation that a high-ranking member of the GOP House leadership had engaged in despicable political skulduggery.

Cheney has already fended off a vote to remove her from the number three leadership spot after joining Democrats in their unsuccessful second impeachment attempt, but she won’t have the same luck this time.

The media may only have a few days to save her, so expect a big push beginning with her surrogates’ Sunday morning “news” shows. Who knows, they could even pull Dick Cheney out of his undisclosed safe location to defend his daughter.


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