SCANDAL: Larry Kudlow Yells “BULLSH*T” After Kamala’s Speech

Former Trump advisor Larry Kudlow called “bullsh*t” on Monday when responding to a Kamala Harris video saying that when it came to handling the Coronavirus, the Biden administration “started from scratch.

Little did Kudlow realize that millions of viewers at home could hear him as Fox News was playing the newly elected Vice President’s clip.

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We’re starting from scratch in several ways with something that’s been raging for almost a whole year,” Kamala says in the video.”

You can almost immediately hear Kudlow yelling “bullsh*t” multiple times in a row in the background.

In a time of just a few seconds, I counted 4 “bullsh*t’s”

Take a look below:


After Kudlow yelled the profanities, Fox News host Sandra Smith was narrating the segment and she also had to hold back laughter.

Kamala’s arguments were thoroughly debunked by former HHS Chief of Staff Brian Harrison on Twitter, as we reported earlier on TrendingPolitics:

What do you think about the Madam Vice President’s plan?


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