SCANDAL: Kids in Migrant Camps Engaging in Sexual Activity

In the migrant facilities housing thousands of illegal aliens in McAllen, Texas, children, including brothers and sisters, are allegedly engaging in sexual acts with each other.

The inhumane conditions inside the facilities used to house thousands of migrants who continue to stream across the border will shock the American people, according to a source inside the camp who wishes to remain anonymous, who warned InfoWars host Owen Shroyer.

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“An confidential source inside a large illegal immigrant facility tells us that the children are having sexual relations with each other, and brothers and sisters are having sexual relations with each other. And, of course, children are masturbating and committing sexual acts, which is a phenomenon, and it’s very strange that this is happening,” Shroyer reports. “Not natural conduct, unless they’re being molested, raped, or exposed to other sexual stuff on the trip.

After staking out the camp along the worsening US-Mexico border for several hours, Shroyer discovered that staff inside the center are now separating the children from one another to avoid promiscuity.

“We know it’s happening now, but it’s happening overtly, rampantly, and the staff inside the facilities have to isolate these kids because they’re reenacting what happened to them on the trip with their brothers and sisters,” he said. “This is diabolical, to say the least. The fact that this is all going on is so heartbreaking.”

According to Axios, after rescinding former President Trump’s emergency order to create a border wall, the Biden administration was able to raise $86 million from the American taxpayer to employ hotels to accommodate the migrants.

On Saturday, Biden waived FBI background checks for caregivers of children who crossed the US-Mexico border without their parents or legal guardians, according to the Associated Press.

Shroyer warns that it’s uncertain if the unaccompanied minors are being put with family caregivers, smugglers, or cartels.

“We really have no idea whether these children are with their parents or with whom they are. “And they’re being placed in hotels with these people,” he explained. “So, who knows what’s going on with those kids? A mother enters with three children and exits with only one. Will anyone even notice? “Would anyone even bother to ask a question?”

InfoWars’ small break-away facility in McAllen, Texas, one of hundreds along the border, is now expanding, doubling in scale.

According to Shroyer, the only power capable of preventing the invasion is the American people.

“Biden’s strategy of open borders encourages child molestation. He said, “I don’t know how it can get any worse than this.” “Let’s be honest about how horrible this situation is. I implore you to contact your local senators. Present yourself to the city council. If a facility like this exists in your city, make a note of it, film it, and log it. This is a tragedy for America. What’s going on with this open frontier is a ticking time bomb.”


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