SCANDAL ESCALATES: Gretchen Whitmer Just Can’t Control It Anymore

This local reporter made Gretchen’s life and future career hanging on a thin straw…

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If you want to be a Democrat, you probably have to pass the hypocrisy test first – if you manage to lie with that sincere sparkle in your eyes – you’re good to go!

According to the latest news, Gretchen Whitmer, the “steel governor” of Michigan went to her sick father in Florida for a 4-day visit, while lying to all people in the state of Michigan that they have to avoid meeting people and that meetings are a possible threat for their loved ones!

Oh, one more thing – SHE’S NOT VACCINATED!

According to the local newspaper’s report,

“Whitmer was outed last month for that super-secretive trip to Florida while COVID cases soared in Michigan – it’s also fair to note that her top-aide was also enjoying herself, mask-free, on the Florida beaches as well.

Whitmer’s office went on record and stated that taxpayers did not pay for her trip to go see her father.”

And this is where things get really interesting – since she wasn’t the one paying for her trip either!

“Whitmer asked a group of very wealthy Detroit businessmen to provide a private plane that they all share for her to use for her 4-day trip to Florida.

And to make matters juicier and more scandalous, those businessmen also have major dealings with the state of Michigan.”

Deadline Detroit managed to get in touch with one of those businessmen, of course, under “the cloth of anonymity.”

Here’s what he said: “We wondered why she reached out to us instead of booking a private charter,” said one of the plane’s owners, who exchanged his candor for confidentiality. “You can’t tell a governor no. Who needs that kind of trouble?”

“The piece goes on to say that had Whitmer booked a round trip flight from Lansing to West Palm Beach through a private charter company, it would likely have cost $10,000 to $20,000, or a whopping $40,000 for the actual jet she took, according to private jet websites. The latter is more than 25 percent of the governor’s salary — before taxes.”

Regarding this matter, the Governor stated that

“I’ve said everything I’m going to say about my trip to check on my father. I’ve got nothing to add,” she reportedly said. “We don’t discuss my travel. I have received an incredible number of death threats over the last year and a half.”

“She said she was going to see her sick daddy, but that’s not a legitimate political expenditure,” stated Adolph Mongo of Detroit, a political consultant. “What it is, is a political favor. She asked. She got on their plane. Now she owes them one.”

And even the executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, Jason Roe, stated that

“Governor Whitmer lied about her trip to Florida and is compounding her lies by refusing to disclose the cost of the private plane she used if she paid for her personal trip, and what the fair market value of that payment was.  She ran a campaign based on transparency (her so-called Sunshine Plan) but has been the most opaque governor in Michigan history. I guess by ‘sunshine’ she meant the Sunshine State.”


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